HITZ Baseball Club

HITZ Baseball Club
HITZ Baseball Club will be fielding teams in 8U-18U age groups, the teams will be both tournament only teams and mix of league and tournaments. Teams will be playing in all levels of tournaments in our area along with out of state. Coaches for the teams range from High school varisty coaches, past college players, trainiers and coaches with many years of experience.
Rob Stevenson- Director of HITZ Baseball

Hitz Baseball College Signees / Commitments:

Paul Harper (18U):  Ball State - Division I

Taylor Curtis (18U): Northern KY - Division I

Kyle Bruce (18U): Saginaw Valley State - Division II

Noah Beck (18U):  Saginaw Valley State - Division II

Jimmy Filipski (18U): Davenport University - NAIA

Nick Tokarczyk (17U): Siena Heights University - NAIA

Conor Kost (18U): Siena Heights University - NAIA

Matthew Heid (18U): Kalamazoo College - Division III

Andrew Eaton (18U): Kalamazoo College - Division III

Jawon Vaughn (18U): Macomb CC 

Jake Wichlacz (18U): Owens CC  

Kyle Heller-Tiffin (18): Macomb CC

Dan Kerr- (18): Macomb CC

Training Complex- Our facility located in Chesterfield is unlike anywhere else any team trains, our state of the art facility allows us to train and practice for the upcoming season in a game like environment with our full indoor infield. One Thing will always be true. Players that practice in between practices and games will always have a step up on their competition.
One huge benefit of playing with HITZ Baseball is that we train out of our own facility and all our players will have discounted additional access outside their team training, such as batting cage rental, private lessons, speed and agility, etc.
Continuity of Instruction from Coaches and Trainers-This is one of the most important parts of a program, our Hitting instruction will be consistent message to all the players. One instructor doesn’t teach one type of hitting while the other teaches another. The same goes for our pitching instructors. This allows our athletes not to have to relearn or start over again as they progress up in age. When or If you sign up for hitting or pitching instruction, you will be with that instructor for the duration of your lessons. You won’t be passes onto one or two different instructors. Our goal is to you the tool to not only be successful at the level that you’re at, but at the next level that you aspire to get to!
The Bottom Line- Remember you always get what you pay for and the HITZ Baseball Club has compiled a training staff that will deliver all serious players to the next level. We provide the tools, from the coaches, to trainers, to facilities and you supply the commitment. If you’re ready to bring your game to the next level HITZ Baseball is home for you! Playing federation/travel baseball, as most of you are aware, is a different experience from playing in local recreational leagues. Not every player is required to play in each and every game, players will not be rotated as much, required to play a certain amount of innings or play different positions as mandated by the recreational leagues. We will do our best to play every player, every game and each player will have an opportunity to earn playing time. However, we do not guarantee equal playing time.
Thanks for your interest in HITZ Baseball Club